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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Sheep in Wolves Clothing?

Former lead guitarist of the successful metal band Korn left the group in 2005 due to a conversion to Christianity.  The first thing I think of when I see metal bands is usually, "hey, that looks satanic."  So when I ran across a video about this Brian "Head" Welch I had my doubts this guy is really a saved Christian.

It is 2013 and it appears as if this Brian Welch is still on fire for Jesus.  I say that based on this 2012 interview here below.  Some things that stand out to me are that he professes Jesus as his Lord and Savior, speaks of being saved from his drug addiction only through Jesus, is driven to speak boldly about his wrong ways in the past.  He also spoke of how important it was for him to be closer to God.  To read the Bible as much as possible and not waste any more time not getting to know God.  

I can relate to what he says about these things and my feelings are this man has been saved and placed in front of all the people that have in the past and may now idolize this band or this man.  How many people may this guy have helped save?  I'm not sure but God is amazing in how he can change people.  Brian seems to be an example of the miracle of the regeneration of the mind by the power of the Holy Spirit.

This interview between Head and Fieldy (bassist for Korn) it was really nice to see the work that God did in Fieldy's life as well.

I'd say these are some sheep in wolves clothing.

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